EP278 - Rickettsial retinitis – A diagnostic challenge !



To describe the clinical manifestations, treatment and visual outcome in patients with presumed rickettsial retinitis.


Retrospective case series


This is a retrospective study of 7 eyes of 4 patients who presented to a tertiary care center in India with complaints of decreased vision post fever ranging from 1- 6 weeks. Slit lamp examination showed anterior chamber cells with vitreous cells in all eyes. Fundus examination revealed macular retinitis, vasculitis, retinal haemorrhages, optic disc pallor and vitreous hemorrhage. Weil Felix test was positive in all patients. All patients were treated with oral steroid and doxycycline after consultation with an infectious disease specialist.


Rickettsial retinitis is a diagnostic challenge and early diagnosis with treatment can result in good visual outcome.

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