IUSG Webinars

To all Persons interested in Uveitis

The recent International Symposium on Uveitis, planned from the International Uveitis Study Group (IUSG) for Singapore in the middle of July 2020, has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting was planned for experts and also for beginners, leading them to an easy way to understand uveitis in all its aspects.

One of the few “better” aspects of the pandemic is that we have learned how to organize and then to optimize webinars, The IUSG is now offering you an extended program, starting in January 2021.

The program will consist of 5 sessions about “Basic Uveitis”, followed by app. 30 more specialized topics. Each session will take 2 hours. The speakers are highly selected, most of them members of the IUSG. We plan to have the sessions always on Saturday 1 pm (CET or CEST) or 2 pm.

An application has been made to the UEMS EACCME® for CME accreditation for the upcoming webinars (11-20).

Please note, that you can only obtain CME credit points when attending the live webinar. You will not receive CME credits for on-demand viewing!

We suggest  

  • to register individually for each of the webinars.
  • always to check days and time, they may change depending on various reasons 

You will receive the individual participation code app. 3 days before the planned date of the webinar.

After the webinar you will receive a questionnaire (informing us about the quality of the webinar). Sending this back to uveitiswebinar@gmail.com will result in receiving two documents (participation and the CME points).

We cordially invite you and your friends to join this course of webinars which will be free of costs for each participant.

Hope to meet you online soon.

Manfred Zierhut
Vishali Gupta
Marc de Smet


Uveitis Course

WEBINAR 21 : November 5, 2022

CET - Brussels 1-3pm

Accredited requested.

Syphillis and Lymes disease and co
C.Pavesio, A.Sallanan, J.de Boer, Ch.Muccioli, F.Pichi, R.La Distina Nora, D.Goldstein

  1. Introduction and Historical Perspective
    (Carlos Pavesio, 10 min)
  2. Epidemiology including incidence modes of transmission, Syphilis in HIV and non HIV patients, spread of infection and pocket of resistance
    (Ahamed Sallanan, 15 min)
  3. Microbiology and Pathogenesis, virulence
    (Joke de Boer, 15 min)
  4. Congenital/Acquired (Primary, secondary, Latent, Tertiary, Neurosyphilis)
    (Christina Muccioli, 15 min)
  5. Imaging in Syphilis - ocular and systemic (R/O teritiary)
    (Francesco Pichi, 15 min)
  6. Laboratory Investigations (diagnostic of recurrences, any way of identifying resistance and causes)
    (Rina La Distia Nora, 15 min)
  7. Treatment
    (Debra Goldstein, 15 min)
  8. Controversy
    (All speakers, 15 min)

WEBINAR 22 : December 3, 2022

CET - Brussels 1-3pm

Accredited requested.

Viral Retinal Necrosis
J.de Groot, J.Biswas, B.Bodaghi, A.Agarwal, M.Becker, B.Bodaghi, L.Steeples, M.de Smet

  1. Pathogenetic mechanisms of viral retinal necrosis
    (Jolanda de Groot,10 min)
  2. Histopathology and molecular biologic study of viral retinitis
    (Jyotirmay Biswas, 15 min)
  3. Clinical presentations and differential diagnosis of necrotizing retinitis
    (Bahram Bodaghi, 20 min)
  4. Imaging Biomarkers for necrotizing retinitis
    (Aniruddha Agarwal, 10 min)
  5. Laboratory work up in a patient with retinal necrosis
    (Mathias Becker, 10 min)
  6. Manifestations of chronic viral retinitis
    (Bahram Bodaghi, 10 min)
  7. Medical management (includes laser Rx)
    (Laura Steeples, 15 min)
  8. Surgical management of viral necrotizing retinitis
    (Marc de Smet, 15 min)
  9. Controversies
    (All speakers, 15 min)

WEBINAR 23 : January 7, 2023

CET - Brussels 1-3pm

Accredited requested.

Vogt Koyanagi Harada Disease
M.Accorinti, P.Yang, K.Julian, R.Read, A.Abu-Asrar, A.Okada, M.Agarwal

  1. Epidemiology of VKH
    (Massimo Accorinti, 10 min)
  2. Pathogenetic Mechanisms in VKH
    (Peizeng Yang, 15 min)
  3. Clinical Spectrum of VKH disease
    (Karina Julian, 15 min)
  4. Classification of VKH: how important is it?
    (Russell Read, 15 min)
  5. Imaging in VKH
    (Ahmed Abu Asrar, 15 min)
  6. Management of VKH
    (Annabelle Okada, 20 min)
  7. Local versus Systemic therapy in VKH
    (Mamta Agarwal, 15 min)
  8. Controversy
    (All speakers, 15 min)

WEBINAR 24 : February 4, 2023

CET - Brussels 1-3pm

Accredited requested.

Skin and Uveitis
M.Kramer, A.V.Ramanan, C.Fabiani, K.Babu Murthy, A.Sharma, R. La Distia Nora

  1. Pathogenetic mechanism of uveitis associated with skin lesions
    (M.Kramer, 20 min)
  2. Association between skin and uveitis: what to look for ?
    (A.V.Ramanan, 15 min)
  3. Skin in autoinflammatory diseases
    (Claudia Fabiani, 20 min)
  4. Differentiating skin lesions between infective and non-infective uveitis
    (Kalpana Babu Murthy, 15 min)
  5. Drugs causing uveitis and dermatological manifestations
    (Michal Kramer, 10 min)
  6. Skin tests for uveitis and their interpretation
    (Aman Sharma, 10 min)
  7. Management of skin lesions and uveitis: are there any special considerations?
    (Rina La Distia Nora, 15 min)
  8. Controversies
    (All speakers, 15 min)

WEBINAR 25 : March 4, 2023

CET - Brussels 1-3pm

Accredited requested.

Rare infectious uveitis entities
M.Khairallah, R. van Gelder, P.Mahendradas, S.R.Rathinam, A.Curi, D.Das

  1. Newer and emerging infections: what should we know? 
    (Moncef Khairallah, 20 min)
  2. Laboratory diagnosis for unknown organism
    (Russell van Gelder, 20 min)
  3. Dengue infections and eye
    Padmamalini Mahendradas, 15 min)
  4. Leptospiral infection of the eye
    (SR.Rathinam, 15 min)
  5. Opportunistic infections with rarer organisms in HIV
    (Andre Curi, 20 min)
  6. Parasitic infections of the eye
    (Dipankar Das, 15 min)
  7. Controversies
    (All speakers, 15 min)

WEBINAR 26 : April 1, 2023

CEST - Brussels 1-3pm

Accredited requested.

Sympathetic Ophthalmia
D.Kilmartin, P.Neri, M.Agarwal, C.Muccioli, R.Agarwal, D.Kilmartin

  1. Epidemiology of SO- past, present and future
    (Dara Kilmartin, 20 min)
  2. Pathogenetic Mechanisms of Sympathetic Ophthalmia
    (Piergiorgio Neri, 20 min)
  3. Clinical Manifestations including imaging
    (Mamta Agarwal, 20 min)
  4. Differential diagnosis
    (Cristina Muccioli, 15 min)
  5. Management of SO
    (Rupesh Agrawal, 20 min)
  6. Prevention and consent: risky patients and procedures
    (Dara Kilmartin, 10 min)
  7. Controversies
    (All speakers, 15 min)

WEBINAR 27 : May 6, 2023

CEST - Brussels 1-3pm

Accredited requested.

Vitreo Retinal Lymphoma
N.Sen, S.Coupland, Z.Habot-Wilner, P.Jose, A.Invernizi, S.Frenkel, S.P.Chee

  1. Understanding the pathogenetic mechanisms of PVRL
    (Nida Sen, 15 min)
  2. Diagnostics from intraocular fluid
    (Sarah Coupland, 15 min)
  3. Clinical presentations
    (Zohar Habot-Wilner, 15 min)
  4. Differential diagnosis of VRL and other Masquerades
    (Pulido Jose, 20 min)
  5. Imaging characteristics of PVRL
    (Alessandro Invernizi, 15 min)
  6. Systemic work up and management
    (Shahar Frenkel, 10 min)
  7. IUSG Consensus on diagnosis and management
    (Soon Phaik Chee, 15 min)
  8. Controversies
    (All speakers, 15 min)

WEBINAR 28 : June 3, 2023

CEST - Brussels 1-3pm

Accredited requested.

Uveitis Macular Edema (UME)
Ch.Deuter, M.Munk, M.de Smet, R.Belfort, J.Kempen, G.Jaffe, R.Bansal

  1. Pathogenesis of Uveitic Macular Edema
    (Christoph Deuter, 20 min)
  2. Imaging considerations for UME
    (Marian Munk, 15 min)
  3. Treatment options in UME
    (Marc de Smet, 15 min)
  4. Managing Macular Edema in infectious uveitis
    (Rubens Belfort, 15 min)
  5. Effect of Systemic therapy on UME
    (John Kempen, 15 min)
  6. Recalcitrant UME
    (Glen Jaffe, 10 min)
  7. Role of Pars plana Vitrectomy for treating UME
    (Reema Bansal, 15 min)
  8. Controversies
    (All speakers, 15 min)

WEBINAR 29 : September 2, 2023

CEST - Brussels 1-3pm

Accredited requested.

Cataract surgery and uveitis
L.Kuffova, H.Nascimento, S.P.Chee, C.Lowder, H.Nascimento, J.González-López

  1. Cataract surgery and uveitis
    (Lucia Kuffova, 15 min)
  2. Pre-operative considerations for cataract surgery in Uveitis
    (Heloisa Nascimento, 15 min)
  3. Surgical Management of complicated cataract: tips and tricks
    (Soon Phaik Chee, 20 min)
  4. Intraoperative steroids implant: risks and benefits
    (Careen Lowder, 15 min)
  5. Post Surgical management
    (Heloisa Nascimento, 10 min)
  6. Cataract in JIA: Special considerations
    (Julio González-López, 15 min)
  7. Managing Eye with Cataract and Hypotony
    (Parthopratim Dutta Majumder, 15 min)
  8. Controversies
    (All speakers, 15 min)

WEBINAR 30 : October 7, 2023

CEST - Brussels 1-3pm

Accredited requested.

Glaucoma surgery and uveitis
S.S.Pandav, M.Accorinti, C.Heinz, P.McCluskey, M.de Smet

  1. Pathogenetic mechanisms of glaucoma in Uveitis
    (S.S.Pandav, 15 min)
  2. Clinical exam, investigations and imaging in patients with Uveitic Glaucoma
    (Massimo Accorinti, 20 min)
  3. Medical Management of Uveitic Glaucoma
    (Carsten Heinz, 15 min)
  4. Managing a patient with Anterior segment Inflammation and Glaucoma: a difficult situation
    (Peter McCluskey, 15 min)
  5. Role of Laser / Peripheral Iridectomy: indications and considerations
    (Carsten Heinz, 15 min)
  6. Newer drugs on Horizon for Uveitis and Glaucoma
    (Marc de Smet, 15 min)
  7. Surgical Management of Glaucoma in Uveitis
    (Massimo Accorinti, 10 min)
  8. Controversies
    (All speakers, 15 min)


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