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March 25, 2020

Message from IUSG and IOIS Executive Boards

Dear Friends

The danger of a COVID-19 infection in our patients needs our full attention at this moment. Some of you have been dealing with the infection for a while and may even have a respite from the onslaught. Others may just be waiting for the wave to arrive.

1. You may have seen the joint Consensus information which will get updated whenever we have important good information to share, information we get from all of you.

2. In addition, there is a need to share our collective experience, ask questions regarding how to deal with different aspects of the pandemic at various stages of the COVID infection.  We want to bundle this communication on our twitter account: Follow @IUSG9

3. The IUSG website has a document library page where information can be placed for our members. This information which may be relevant nationally can help others prepare themselves for the onslaught or know what to expect as the wave passes… and likely returns. Please send information to the IUSG Office.

The following folders will be created:

  1. COVID-19 and Uveitis – Here, you can share your diagnostic information, treatment paradigmes, new studies and publications, and insights as it relates to COVID-19 and uveitis. Please share with us country-specific problems and solutions
  2. COVID-19 Treatment and Confinement/Containement Guidelines – Here we would like you to share how your country, medical societies, institution propose to deal with the infection and at which stage  of the cycle, the proposals were made (early in the epidemic wave, in the middle,… or even how to proceed once it seems to have passed). We are all dealing with different stages of the disease, and we can all benefit from each other’s experience. If you have comments to add regarding the success of some of the guidelines, feel free to be blunt and direct. This is no time for subtleties.
  3. COVID-19 Supplies and Makeshift Solutions – Since this is a global pandemic, there are also shortages of many essential items. Providing links where you can find essentials: shields for slit lamps, disinfection material, goggles in different locations in the world may be useful.

    We will also start a folder in which you will find information on ways of producing your own slit lamp shields, making your own hand sanitizers, and any other information you may find relevant to you. Remember, we are a global organization, and we can help our colleagues both through science but also with very practical solutions.

As one ER doctor in London, Ontario put it recently: As we face the onslaught of Corona, we will be facing shortages. Finding solutions to these is like trying to work in a field camp in a devastation zone. Makeshift solutions can save lives".

We hope that you find these measures helpful and that you will add your comments on Twitter, and contribute to the information folder.

Keep safe.

IUSG Executive BoardZIERHUT Manfred, de SMET Marc, GUPTA Vishali
IOIS Executive BoardBODAGHI Bahram, NGUYEN Quan Dong, BARISANI Talin, GOTO Hiroshi, SMITH Justine, RAO Narsing, VASCONCELOS Daniel Victor 

Consensus-Experience-Document #Covid19

Tuebingen, March 24, 2020

Dear Friends

After a first draft about what we should be aware of due to COVID-19 on uveitis patients we already have received a lot of additions: thanks so much for that. Below is a link for you to either view the document or download the document as a result of that discussion. Now we wanna bring it to the website, looking for comments from all persons who are treating uveitis patients with IMT. We will try to update this consensus whenever we feel it needs one.

In addition to this Consensus we will now start 2 discusssion paths for all your comments and ideas and personal findings which you may want to share with us. a. Uveitis: diagnostics and treatment, here also country specific findings and thoughts b. How to work with COVID-19. Here we should comment more on organisational problems.

Hope the Consensus is helpfull for you and esp. for your patients.

Stay safe in these times

Vishali, Marc and Manfred

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ISU 2020 Conference Postponed - Update

Tuebingen, March 20, 2020

Dear IUSG members, 

In these unusual times, may we first make the wish that you, your family and loved ones remain healthy and safe.  For many life seems on hold, but we are convinced that it will over time return to normality.

Every four years, we look forward to the International Uveitis Symposium, to share the cutting edge advances, newer insights and share our vision with our peer in basic sciences. We were indeed looking forward to connecting with you all in July at Singapore.

However, in recognition of growing health risks worldwide posed by COVID-19, it does not seem appropriate that we continue to hold the conference in July 2020. Indeed the first wave of the pandemic may not be over in many countries increasing the risk involved for those travelling internationally. It was a tough call to make and with deep regret we inform you that the ISU symposium shall be postponed and will be rescheduled. We are working on finalizing the dates for this meeting and shall keep you updated.

For the postponed meeting we plan to keep the same program and we will again ask the speakers we had already invited for July if they can join us for the coming date.

We wish you and your family to stay safe and healthy!

Soon Phaik, Vishali, Manfred and Marc

IUSG Office, Rue de L'Industrie 24, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium - VAT: BE 725 942 753