IUSG Membership

Membership Fee - Period

2018 FEE: 100 EUR 
2019 FEE: 150 EUR 


2020 FEE: 150 EUR
Payment will be requested mid to end January 2020.

Membership Application

More info on different Member Types and how to become a IUSG member below.

Current Membership Application Guidelines

There are three categories of membership: Active, Associate and Honorary.

Active Membership

Membership applications are welcomed from clinicians whose practice focuses primarily on uveitis.
Researchers in ocular inflammation and uveitis will also be considered:

  • In the case of ophthalmologists, consultant practice centered on uveitis for a minimum of five years, following completion of a fellowship.
  • In the case of scientists, 5 years of research in a field related to uveitis after completion of a PhD or completion of a post-doctoral fellowship in a uveitis related field

Please submit:

  • A list of your peer-reviewed published papers, of which a minimum of 10 must be in the subspecialty of uveitis.
  • Please highlight 5 publications on uveitis where you are the first or senior author and include the Impact Factor of each journal. It is acceptable to replace a maximum of 1 publication with 2 Case Reports i.e. 4 publications and 2 Case Reports.
  • Presentation of a scientific paper at an IUSG meeting is encouraged but not essential.
  • Two letters of recommendation from IUSG members. One letter coming preferably from the same country as the candidate (alternatively, a member who has good knowledge of the candidate’s practice of uveitis or knowledge of his/her uveitis related research).
  • Up-to-date curriculum vitae.
  • A letter expressing interest in joining the IUSG.

Associate Membership

  • Clinical practice involving uveitis for a minimum of five years (not including any time spent as a Fellow).
  • Uveitis should form at least 20% of their clinical practice, and they should be recognized in their country as a referral specialist for uveitis.
  • Ten publications related to uveitis.
  • Should be permanently living in a developing/emerging country. As proposed by the credentials sub-committee and approved by the general assembly.
  • Two supporting letters from IUSG members, one of who should have personal knowledge of the candidate’s practice of uveitis.
  • Up-to-date curriculum vitae.
  • A letter expressing interest in joining the IUSG.

Honorary Membership

By invitation only

The Credentials sub-Committee screens applications and informs candidates if they are not currently competitive with other applicants and should wait to apply.To facilitate review, all applicants are requested to make a single digital file beginning with the letter of intent, CV, letters of recommendation, and ending with pdfs or scans of their 10‐20best publications in uveitis.

Those candidates fulfilling the above guidelines will be recommended to the rest of the IUSG members for membership acceptance. If after three weeks the IUSG members have not expressed any concerns the candidate will then be automatically accepted as a member. There will be no requirement to present for membership but newly elected members will be encouraged to give a presentation at a future IUSG meeting. An unsuccessful application should not deter candidates from applying for membership in the future.

Applications should be submitted by email to

Prof. Vishali Gupta, Honorary Secretary IUSG.

IUSG Office, Rue de L'Industrie 24, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium - VAT: BE 725 942 753