EP265 - Topical tacrolimus 0.5% in the treatment of anterior uveitis



To assess the efficacy of topical tacrloimus 0.5% eye drops in the treatment of patients with anterior uveitis using laser flare photometer.


Six patients (8 eyes) with anterior nongranulomatous uveitis were included. All patients were treated with topical tacrolimus 0.05% eye drops. The clinical outcomes were assessed by the changes of symptoms and the grading of anterior chamber cells by slit lamp examination and objective assessment of flare using laser flare photometer.


There were 3 male and 3 female patients with age range of 26 to 39 years. There were subjective improvement of symptoms of ocular pain and photophobia in 5 patients (6 eyes). The mean flare values improved from 33.5 photons/ms (range 11.8 to 49) to 13.7 photons/ms (range 11.6 to 25.2). In the 2 eyes of one patient, there was poor response to topical tacrolimus.


Topical tacrolimus may be helpful as a steroid sparing agent in reducing intraocular inflammation in patients with anterior uveits.

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