EP217 - Inflammatory ocular events after inactivated COVID-19 vaccination

FEI Ping

FENG Huazhang

LI Jing

LIU Miaomiao


YE Hongfei

ZHAO Peiquan


To report potential vaccine-induced inflammatory ocular adverse events following inactivated COVID-19 vaccination.


Retrospective study of patients with uveitis and other ocular complications following inactivated coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination at a tertiary referral center between May 2021 and August 2021. Data collection consisted of demographic and clinical data.


The study included 11 eyes of 7 patients (6 females, 1 male), with a mean age of 33.9±12.0 years (range 28–59 years). Mean time between vaccination and ocular complications onset was 26.0±23.9 days (range 3–66 days), including two cases after the first dose of the vaccine and 5 cases after the second dose. The cases reported were three cases of anterior uveitis, one herpetic keratitis and iridocyclitis, one pars planitis, one case of posterior uveitis and one neuromyelitis optica (NMO). Local and/or systemic steroid were applied and all the patients had good visual outcomes.


Ocular inflammatory events may occur after inactive COVID-19 vaccination. It is usually temporary and resolves with steroids. The awareness of this potential reaction to COVID-19 vaccination with possible gender preponderance is important for timely detection and proper treatment.

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