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Saturday 27 August 2022 - Start 15:00



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An Guided tour that will take you on a walk to discover the beautiful historic Utrecht, a boat trip and ends with a social get-together. Don't miss it and join us. We would love to share time with you!

Part 1 – Guided Walk:

As a starter we will enjoy a guided city walk will take us along Utrecht’s must-see sights. The guide will take you to the domsquare and tell the rich history of the Dom Tower, and you will hear the stories of the Oudegracht canal and its quays, churches with a story to tell and quaint lanes that are less notible.
During the tour, the guide will inform about all the historical details, highlighting the rich history of Utrecht.

Professor Franciscus (Franz) Cornelius Donders
Parts of this walk will be devoted to the life and research performed by Professor Franciscus (Franz) Cornelius Donders (27 May 1818 – 24 March 1889). He was a Dutch ophthalmologist. In 1847, he became an associate professor at Utrecht University and, in 1862, attained a full professorship in physiology. He has been of great importance for the development of ophthalmology in the Netherlands and was also internationally regarded as an authority on eye diseases, directing the Netherlands Hospital for Eye Patients. Along with Graefe and Helmholtz, he was one of the primary founders of scientific ophthalmology. He was a leading scientist at Utrecht University. This is not only reflected in the city (he has his own statue, there is a street and a building named after him), but soon also in the renovated UMU, where part of the exhibition is devoted to his work.

Part 2 – Boat trip: Admire the historical heart of Utrecht from the water

The guided walk will end at the canal bank where we will embark the boats to admire the historical heart of Utrecht from the water. The Oudegracht canal wends its way through the city, passing by countless sights along the way. Mediaeval wash sites, fascinating museums, attractive old buildings: a boattrip gives you a great view of historic Utrecht. Tour Utrecht’s leafy canals, passing by the quays and canalside cellars that are so typical of the city, and admire the imposing Dom Tower from the water.

During the cruise there is an audio tour available in Dutch, English and German. Other languages are available on request

Part 3 – Conclude with a drink and refreshments during a social get-together

Around 18:15 the excursion will be concluded with a joint farewell drink at the Stadsschouwburg (town theatre), near the canal in the city center.




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