Skill Transfer Lab 1/2 - Suprachoroidal

Skill Transfer Lab 1/2 - Suprachoroidal


25/08/2022, 14:30 - 16:00, Room 3 - Brouwerskamer

Introduction Suprachoroidal administration devices

Dr. Friedrich Asmus CMO, Oxular (10min)

Compassionate Use of the Oxulumis Procedure
Prof.Dr. Marc de Smet, MIOS - Lausanne (15min)

Didactic training Oxulumis device
Lana Luccitti & Séan Kearney, Directors of Device training, Oxular (15min)

Hands-on training / Dry lab Oxulumis device
All in Group (40min)

All (10min)



The suprachoroidal space receives increasing attention as a virtual space in the eye wall for different forms of drug administration. In this skills transfer lab, the principal idea of suprachoroidal therapy, the different therapeutic modalities, and the advantages of suprachoroidal therapy over other administration approaches will be summarized. For routine clinical use of suprachoroidal delivery, an ophthalmic administration device needs to be used. This skill transfer lab will introduce participants to a novel approach of illuminated microcatherization of the suprachoroidal space using the investigational Oxulumis® device developed by Oxular Limited, UK. The procedure is adaptable for different clinical settings but for high prevalence disorders, it will be done in a clean room or clinic over 5-10 min. Following a general introduction to the Oxulumis® device, participants will get a didactic introduction to the principles of the Oxulumis® use and a hands-on dry lab training on a silicone eye.

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