EP256 - Flaremetry values in healthy individuals



To determine the normal flaremetry values in healthy individuals using laser flare photometer.


We included patients of any age and gender with clear media. We excluded patients with uveitis or any other ocular inflammatory disorder, patients with corneal opacity or posterior synachiae or any other cause that might interfere with accurate flaremetry readings. Flaremetry was performed before and after pupillary dilatation. An average of 3 readings was obtained in each measurement.


A total of 102 eyes of 51 patients were included. There were 18 male and 33 female patients. Age ranged from 5 to 51 years. Flaremetry values ranged from 2.4 to 11.5 photons/millisecond. The average flaremetry was 7.9 photons/millisecond before dilatation and 7.6 photons/millisecond after dilatation.


Flaremetry values in our cohort is higher than the previously reported normal values. Care should be taken to avoid erroneous diagnosis of such patients as having uveitis.

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