EP241 - Intraocular Pressure in Choroidal Inflammation in Adolescent Age Group




To report a correlation between increased intraocular pressure (IOP) and choroidal inflammation (of various underlying etiology ie MFC, VKH, subretinal fibrosis + uveitis syndrome) in adolescents.


Twenty one eyes of 13 patients were analyzed. Age range is 9-15 years. Patients had presented with inflammation involving the choroid. A correlation was made, using T-Test, between baseline IOP, IOP at quiescence and after anti-glaucoma topical medications. Four eyes needed surgical intervention for intractable high IOP.


Mean IOP at presentation was 20.19 SD= 8.02. After quiescence the mean IOP was 29.19 SD= 11.99. A significant rise in IOP was found (p=0.003) after quiescence. Adding IOP-lowering medications was found to significantly reduce IOP (p=0.01)


A significant spike in IOP was found in adolescent eyes with ocular inflammation involving the choroid. It is not clear if the spike is related to topical steroids or choroidal pathology. However, IOP-lowering therapy significantly conrols IOP but a subset of eyes necissitated surgical intervention.

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