EP215 - Choroid analysis by enhanced-depth optical coherence tomography in pediatric uveitis

DENISOVA Ekaterina




To analyze choroidal changes in children with uveitis using EDI-OCT.


90 children aged 6 to 18 years (mean 11,7) with AU (30 children), IU (22), PU (25) or PanU (13) underwent EDI-OCT. Central (subfoveal, 3 mm nasal, temporal, superior and inferior) CT was measured.


In AU and PU CT for all areas was significantly higher in eyes with severe and moderate inflammation than in those with inactive. In IU there were no differences in the central CT with different severity of uveitis and deviations from the norm. In PanU significant increase in temporal and inferior CT was found in moderate inflammation compared to an inactive and a tendency to increasing subfoveal and nasal CT was observed in severe inflammation compared to inactive. In all uveitis localizations correlation between the CT and presence and severity of macular edema was not found.


Correlation between CT and uveitis activity was detected in pediatric AU, PU and PanU indicating the involvement of the choroid in the inflammatory process not only in posterior but in anterior segment inflammation. CT should be investigated in the dynamics for individual monitoring uveitis activity. In IU central part of choroid is not involved, which indicates the pathogenic peculiarities of these uveitis and can be used for differential diagnosis.

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