To conduct a comparative analysis of the results of uveitis, in patients with co-infection with uveitis.


The study was conducted among 27 inpatients with uveitis and co-infection. The age range of patients was between 26-69 years (the average age was 45 years). They were carriers of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Treponema pallidum, and HIV.


Among 27 patients with uveitis with co-infection: Hepatitis B was detected in 9 of them, Hepatitis C in 7 patients, Treponema pallidum in 9 patients, HIV in 1 patient, and both Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C viruses in 1 patient. Against the background of uveitis, the average age of Hepatitis B carriers was 49 (28-69 years), the average age of Hepatitis C carriers was 46 (30-65 years), and the age of those infected with Treponema pallidum (syphilis) was 43 years (26-58), and this was not a statistically significant difference. The duration of inpatient treatment (number of bed days) was 7-18 days (average 11 days) in patients with uveitis with Hepatitis B co-infection, 7-20 days (average 13 days) in Hepatitis C carriers, and 6-26 days (average 13 days) in Treponema pallidum carriers. Against the background of co-infection, the increase in visual acuity of patients with uveitis before and after inpatient treatment was on average 26% in hepatitis B carriers, 25% in hepatitis C carriers, and 50% in treponema pallidum carriers.


There was no statistically significant difference between inpatient bed days (hospitalization days) and the average age of patients. However, the increase in visual acuity before and after treatment was almost the same between Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C carriers with uveitis patients, at 26% and 25%, respectively, while the increase in visual acuity in Treponema pallidum carriers with uveitis was 50%, with high results.

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