Welcome Word

Dear friends, fellow uveitis enthusiasts,
Who among IUSG members does not remember his/her first ISU. We certainly do!

Meeting prominent world famous experts, listening to the discussions during and after the sessions was an exhilarating experience. It helped us realize the breath of ocular immunology, the areas of controversy and the existence of so many unexplored paths.

We hope that this 10th International Symposium on Uveitis will infuse you with the same awe and wonder at our field.

In August, we will meet again for ISU 2022. Emerging from a 2 year pandemic, and with events unfolding around us, there is so much for us to share. To make the event accessible to as many of our friends, colleagues, and enthusiasts as possible, we have opted for a hybrid meeting. Those who cannot make it to Utrecht, can still join us online.

We hope many of you can make it, and we look forward to the many interactions and discussions we will have in the beautiful and historic city of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

IUSG Board

Prof. Manfred Zierhut
Prof. Marc de Smet
Prof. Vishali Gupta

ISU 2022 Preliminary Programme

We are happy to introduce you to the preliminary of the 10th International Symposium on Uveitis “Uveitis - an ‘Infectious Disease?"

Highlights: Plenary Lectures and Symposiums

  • Diagnostics - Lab-Testing and Imaging
  • Infectious Immunology 
  • Infectious Uveitis: Viral Anterior Uveitis, Toxoplasmosis and Tuberculosis
  • Non-Infectious Uveitis Sarcoidosis, Juvenile-Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) and Behcet´s Disease
  • Drug Induced Uveitis
  • Hypothesis in Uveitis
  • Upcoming Uveitis Problems
  • Basic Science Course on Uveitis
  • Dry Labs


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