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The International Uveitis Study Group (IUSG) was formed in 1978 by a small number of clinicians who shared a common interest in uveitis. Over the next almost 30 years the group has increased in size to over 100 uveitis specialists from all over the world.

The IUSG comprises researchers and clinicians who are committed to stimulate, encourage, and intensify a converted effort in research and clinical management of uveitis, with the goal of developing new methods for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the blinding complications of uveitis.

The IUSG is a member of the International Federation of Ophthalmological Societies (IFOS); the Executive Body of IFOS is the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO).

Purpose (1986 Constitution)
The purpose of the organization shall be the advancement of knowledge of uveitis within the framework of ophthalmology.

Present IUSG Officers
President: Janet Davis
Vice-President: Careen Lowder
Secretary: Philip Murray
Treasurer: Marc de Smet
(Immediate Past President: Manfred Zierhut)

It is with great sadness we report the passing of Prof. em. Dr Anne-Catherine Martenet.


Anne-Catherine Martenet was highly active in the IUSG since the mid-1980s and remained active after her retirement. She was a great colleague, a faithful friend, with amiable manners, warmth of personality, and kindness. She worked and practiced at the Department of Ophthalmology in Zurich and conducted a Uveitis Clinic for many years. She organized an IUSG meeting in Zurich and was a generous and welcoming host.
‪She was an active researcher in the field of uveitis since the 1960s, publishing in English, German, and French. Her principal interests were in the role of infections in the etiology of uveitis and the management of uveitis with cytostatic agents such as azathioprine, in which field she was a pioneer. Her publication history spans more than 40 years with her last contribution in 2008 to the Festschrift in honor of Richard O’Connor, another of the founders of the subspecialty of uveitis. She was a key participant in the 1992 conference in Gutersloh Germany sponsored by the Bertelsmann Foundation and dedicated to the study of intermediate uveitis.
Her career spanned decades of dedication and loyalty to her profession. She will be missed by her friends, colleagues, and patients.

Ocular Immunology and Inflammation
published by Taylor and Francis is the official journal of the IUSG